About Techie Solutions Austin

Techie Solutions is a Home and Small Business Technology service provider.  We can assist with installing real-world tested solutions for a wide arrange of business needs.  With an expertise in Web Design, Hosting, eCommerce, and business technology needs.


Steven begins his long IT career at CompUSA repairing PC and Macintosh Computers.


Beginning in a call center helping people with their every day computer problems, recognized as the go-to MacOS subject matter expert. Eventually traveling to India to train agents to take internet helpdesk calls.


After moving from corporate call centers to a local Internet Service Provider Linux, and Server technologies have been used to reduce company costs and increase uptime.  Steven begins part time consulting for a couple companies with their small business needs.


Techie Solutions Founded.  With the additional website design, hosting, and eCommerce design the need for home for customers to manage their service and for new customers to sign up for services.


Techie Solutions signs first government customer, serving a variety of customers from retail to construction and other online small businesses.


After years of work, Techie Solutions works with a local printing company to launch their eCommerce site to make their business have a global reach.  We look forward to helping other small businesses do the same.

Services Big and Small

We offer a wide array of technology solutions from home computer troubleshooting to digital transformation for businesses.If you need anything, we can help you, even if that includes referring you to one of our trusted local resources.

Need help not listed on the website? We can still help, contact us with your needs below: